Have you ever been in a situation with your boyfriend or husband where you absolutely need to address a challenging issue in the relationship-something that is making you extremely unhappy. And you totally feel the need to spit out the truth. Or maybe you’ve met a fantastic new guy and want to cleverly break the ice. Yet you simply can’t? Well, assertive communication can be challenging in love, work or family relationships.

Does this sound familiar? Perhaps you often feel misunderstood, unfairly criticized or used to fulfill another’s needs? But unable to speak up to correct the situation? Perhaps you…

exclusive dating

How to Know When You Should Become Exclusive with a Guy?

For many smart women, the dating process often goes something like this:

You date around until you meet someone you like. Then you naturally stop dating others and focus on your new sweetie. You may not have had an exclusive dating talk yet, but he’s being so attentive. And, you’re busy with work and other commitments, so you rationalize you don’t have time to keep playing the field. Maybe it just feels so right that you both agree to become exclusive with one another after a few dates.

And then… he freaks out and says he needs space. …

relationship frustrations

Relationship Frustrations: How to End them Once and For All

Are you suffering with relationship frustrations?

You are not alone. Here’s how Jean from Philly described her relationship frustrations and disappointments:

We are not married but have lived together for about 5 years.After the first year, we started having a lot of arguments mainly about clutter (I tend to collect things). A few times I promised to get rid of some clothes and things (I really should) but never did. The reason for that is that I always felt he cared more about the house than me. It wounded me.

I realize now that was wrong…

How to Know if He’s Marriage Material? You’ve heard the excuses before. But is he ready to get married? He says things like:

“It’s not you. It’s me.” “You deserve someone better.” “I’m not ready.”

It seemed like you were on the same page. And then BAM. The guy had a sudden change of heart, freaked out, or just plain disappeared. You wonder, I really thought he was ready to get married, but I was wrong.

You’re tired of men who seem to want something long-term with you. Guys who say one thing but do another. …

sex secrets happy couples

Four Sex Secrets of Happy Couples

Did you ever wonder what the best sex secrets of happy couples are? Most people can’t imagine how partners in long-term happy couples keep the passion and sizzle going.

Well one of our Love Mentoring clients was certainly mystified. Bridget signed up for ongoing dating and relationship coaching. And within the year found new charisma and new confidence. And the great love of her life, John, a warm chiropractor. The chemistry with John was like a scene out of Fifty Shades of Grey. He was crazy about Bridget. And after a few months of…

Successful Women Dating: Myths and Realities

successful women dating
successful women dating

Do Smart Men Really Marry Down?

About 14 years ago, the psyches of successful single women were singed with worry when journalist John Schwartz wrote a New York Times article titled “Glass Ceiling at Altar as Well as Bedroom.” He claimed that “men would rather marry their secretaries than their bosses.” The following year, Maureen Dowd followed with another Times column (and a book, Are Men Necessary?), agreeing with Schwartz. The authors’ clear thesis: Men prefer to marry down. Since then the media have continued with this narrative lending credence to the successful women dating blues.

Many of the college-educated…

Maybe you’ve met a few great men, but you suddenly get that gut feeling. He’s going to hurt me. And even though you insist, This guy’s different. And you vow, No, I’m going to ensure this relationship works out. Sadly, the bitter ending happens. And there you go back to the tissue box and Ben & Jerry’s. You’ve just played out a dating scenario that creates exactly the loss you’ve feared. In other words, you’re self sabotaging relationships.

As Edna St. Vincent Millay said, “It’s not true that life is one damn thing after another-it’s one damn thing over and…

What Do Healthy Relationships Look Lik

We don’t see them that often because they are pretty rare. Researchers tell us that only 10% of the marriages in the US are super healthy and happy. But the great news is that you can learn what healthy relationships are like and create one for yourself! Even if you have had lots of challenges in the love department. So what do healthy relationships look like is a key question to ask. And this is so, whether you are single, dating a person who could be the One, or involved in a committed relationship that has been unfulfilling for a…

4 Things that Happen When You Find the Right One

How do you know for sure when you find the right one? You meet someone and the chemistry is off the charts. You share five-hour dates. Conversations that never end. A kiss that is off the charts. You have the same goals and values and vision. You think, this is the right One! And then, sooner rather than later, poof, he disappears into smoke and ghosts away. You wonder, how do you know when you find the right one?

In this blog I cover four things that happen when you find the right one. …

The Complexity of Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationships can be challenging. You meet a great person and it feels like a glorious, soulmate relationship. You are dreaming about an amazing future with this great match, who definitely feels like the One. Only problem is, he or she lives a long way away from where you are. And you are afraid that this will be the kiss of death for the whole relationship. Your fear is well founded. Long distance relationships have lots of built-in obstacles.

Seven Relationship Tips to Practice Before You Move

You wonder: Just how do you keep long distance relationships smokin’ hot so you can have the happiest-ever-after you are…

Dr. Diana Kirschner

PBS love expert, psychologist & bestselling author, Diana Kirschner, Ph.D. along with her expert team have helped thousands of singles and couples to find love.

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